Year 4


Welcome to the Year 4 area at Oakleigh Primary School. Science is under the spotlight in our Semester 1 program. A recent Friction incursion was very hands on and set the scene for lots of experimenting with Magnet Designs and Rockets. Our students have designed machines that test forces and measure friction.

Using materials such as counters, MAB, stickers and pop sticks students have explored place value and solved real world problems. This led to a detailed unit on addition and subtraction with a focus on formal and informal methods of calculations.

Our year began with a ‘Grammar Frenzy.’ This incorporated the use of sentence structures and punctuation. Students followed procedures to make devices and art. Following this they wrote procedures about how they made ice-cream.

Cooperative work has been a component of our year with the children busily involved in tent assembling, balloon animals, dramatic plays and tableaux.

Throughout our Positive Education Sessions we have worked to develop a variety of life skills that are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of students. This has been accomplished through meditation, roleplay, visualisation, growth mindset activities, illusion iceberg representations and the investigation of character traits.  

Speaking and listening skills in drama sessions with interviews and script writing have been a priority in preparation for a radio podcast.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Inquiry Unit on ‘Bridges’ where we will learn some cool engineering facts and build some bridges of our own from a selection of materials.

There is no greater education than one that is self-driven.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson