School Vision


Our aim is for each child to become happy, healthy and resilient, well equipped for the challenges of life long learning, contributing to the society in which they live and able to achieve their full academic, creative and social potential. At the heart of Oakleigh Primary School and Kindergarten’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students can accomplish at any age.

The values that form the basis of the actions of our learning community are:

Positive Emotion: Train your mind to focus on the positives rather than the negatives; be resilient.

Happy people look back on the past with gladness; look into the future with hope; and enjoy and cherish the present. Having the ability to the ability to recover strength, confidence and good humour. When things go wrong we are able to ‘bounce back’ or ‘bounce forward’.

Engagement: Use and improve your character strengths to carry out each task to the best of your ability.

When we focus on doing the things we truly enjoy and care about, we can begin to engage completely with the present moment and enter the state of being known as ‘flow’.  

Relationships: Create and maintain harmonious, fulfilling relationships.

Everyone needs someone. We enhance our wellbeing and share it with others by building strong relationships with the people around us – family, friends, classmates and neighbours.

Meaning: Belong to and serve something bigger than one’s self.

We are at our best when we dedicate our time to something greater than ourselves. This could be religious faith, community work, family, a political cause, a charity, a professional or creative goal.

Accomplishment: Have a growth mindset. Strive for and achieve success.

Everyone needs to win or achieve sometimes. To achieve wellbeing and happiness we must be able to look back on our lives with a sense of accomplishment: ‘I did it, and I did it well’.

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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
— B.B. King