Performing Arts

Each week, students attend a 50 minute Performing Arts lesson with a trained Specialist.  The program is a sequential, developmental program in which students experience the Performing Arts through creating, composing, critiquing, exploring and responding to music. Students in the younger years learn the fundamentals of music through activities based around beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo. They learn to perform in front of a familiar audience and they explore, experience and respond to music in a range of styles. The students learn to sing a wide variety of songs and play a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments.
In Dance, students move and respond to a range of musical styles and genres. They become aware of how to move their bodies in space and learn popular dances.
In Drama, the students learn about how drama can represent the world and that they can make drama to represent their ideas about the world.

In Years 3 and 4, the students begin reading music as they learn to play the recorder in class. In Years 5 and 6, the students begin to learn chords as they learn to play the Ukulele in class. Singing, composing, performing and critiquing remain important components of the program. Students learn about a range of instruments, and begin to communicate experiences, ideas, concepts, observations and emotions through the Performing Arts. They learn popular and traditional dances and begin to use improvisation to express themselves through movement.

In Drama, students begin learning scripts and stage craft as they develop confidence, teamwork and improvisation skills.  Students make and respond to drama independently and collaboratively with their classmates and teachers. In the older years, the students study different musical styles and genres. They continue to learn different types of written notation and create their own compositions in a range of styles. Contemporary dance and choreography are the focus of the Dance Program whilst confidence, teamwork, creativity, improvisation, scripts and stage craft are developed through the Drama Program.


Choir:  Students from Years 3-4 are encouraged to join the School Choir. Our choir has performed at a range of venues, from Oaktowers Retirement Village, to our school Christmas Carols, Monash Carols by Candlelight and the Annual Oakleigh Carols in the Park.               

Glee Club: Students in Years 5-6 and choose to participate in our Glee Club.  Students combine singing, dancing and playing instruments for each song and perform them to a range of venues.

Dance Troupe:  Once a week during lunchtime students are offered the chance to join Dance Troupe.  Students are able to learn dance routines to Broadway and pop songs.  Students perform these routines at assembly.

Zumba:  One lunchtime a week students are given the opportunity to have fun and dance.  The dances are from songs that they have heard of on the radio and they can sing along to as they dance. We do the same routines each week with a few new ones each term. It’s a great way to get fit and have fun. 

Instrumental Music Tuition:  At Oakleigh Primary school you may wish to take advantage of our Music Tutors Program.  Private tuition (user pays) is offered during school hours for the following instruments: piano / keyboard, drums, guitar, violin, recorder and voice. A concert at the end of the year showcases the student’s achievements.

Productions:  Every second year our school embarks on a major production during Term 3. All students in Prep through to 4 are involved. Past productions have included a whole school Beauty and the Beast Jr., Freddie the Frog and the Giant Metergnome and the Tooth the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth.

Welcome Dance:  Each year during Term 1 students participate in the welcome dance.  This program has been running for a few years.  Each year we change the style of dance, here are a some of the dances, Australian Bush Dance and Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance.  This is a lovely night that invites the community to the school to join in and dance.

Count Us In:  Each year Oakleigh Primary School participates in Count Us In.  This is a song that is produced by students for students.  The whole school sings the song together at the same time as other schools in Australia.  It is such a powerful and harmonious day where everyone is the same with one voice. 

Foo Foo Concert:  The Foo Foo Concert is a long standing tradition at Oakleigh Primary School. Beginning in the 1990’s, this talent show was devised to raise money to repair Foo Foo, our school giraffe. The Foo Foo Concert is held during the last week of the school year and, although it is no longer a fundraiser, the tradition continues until this day.



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