Visual Art


At Oakleigh Primary School we value imagination and creativity. Our Visual Arts Programme is structured to foster and grow these qualities in our students from their first days at school until the time they graduate.

Each week every class has a session of hands-on art making with our specialist art teacher. Our Art Room is purpose built to meet all that the students need to complete their art works, including a kiln for firing clay. The environment is relaxed, stimulating and conducive to innovative expression.

The themes selected for their projects support and enrich units of inquiry being taught in the generalist classroom. Across the span of their school lives students are introduced to a range of art media and materials to plan and produce artworks that communicate their experiences, beliefs, feelings and ideas. Along the way they explore and learn many art processes and techniques that incorporate the disciplines of art and design. These are then applied through painting, drawing, modelling, construction, printing, textiles and mixed media. When planning their artworks, students discuss and learn about contemporary and historical works and works from other cultures. They are taught art terminology and use this when talking about their artworks.

Wonderful installations featuring students’ artworks are positioned throughout the school to let as many students as possible showcase their achievements.  Every semester, each student receives a portfolio of their artworks featuring a picture of their work and a detailed evaluation of their achievements. When the opportunity arises, works are also displayed in the wider community – examples include the Zart Art Children’s Gallery and the school's Art Festival.

An artist’s duty is rather to stay open-minded and in a state where he can receive information and inspiration. You always have to be ready for that little artistic epiphany.
— Nick Cave