Year 1


Here's a look at what we're doing in Term 3!


This term’s Inquiry Unit is based on the concept of ‘Everyday Materials!’ We will be exploring what types of materials are used to make common objects and how those materials best suit their purpose. Concepts covered include properties of common materials e.g. wood is natural, hard, not flexible, good for building houses. An excursion has been planned to visit the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). We have booked the guided session, ‘All About Design’ to give the children an understanding of how designers use materials and the design process to create innovative design solutions. This has been arranged for Friday 10th August.



In Numeracy, there is an emphasis of relating maths to the real world. Students are given opportunities to explore, discover and engage in mathematics through authentic and rich tasks. They model their skills by using concrete materials and are encouraged to talk about their strategies. An importance is placed on understanding and learning skills rather than just following rote procedures. We play games to reinforce skills and to check for understanding. Our aim is to provide positive and supportive experiences to support students with their mathematical development.



In Year 1, the focus in Literacy is extending the strategies used to work out unknown words. The children develop their ability to break up words into smaller parts, reread for meaning and self-correct when an error has been made. They learn to read with greater fluency and expression to further enhance their understanding. Being able to predict what a text may be about and retelling what has been read are the key comprehension strategies taught in Year 1.



Nine tenths of education is encouragement.
— Anatole France