In Term Four, teaching and learning for each student will focus on consolidating individual learning needs. Some students will continue revising the single alphabet sounds while others will be learning sound blends, diagraphs and graphemes.

Students will continue to build and use a bank of strategies they can call on to decipher unfamiliar words when reading. Students will also focus on reading fluently, using expression, retelling texts and answering simple comprehension questions about the books they read. Students should continue learning their sight words, reading and writing them is beneficial.

During Writing sessions there will be a continued focus on writing simple sentences and attempting to write unknown words using their knowledge of letters and sounds. We will focus on structure and punctuation, such as spaces between words, capital letters and full stops. Students will be learning about and writing recounts of special events and simple information reports about animals.

Positive Education - KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU

Our ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ unit this term, we will be focusing on the feelings of being nervous which may help some children with swimming and it will support them in the transition sessions later in the year. Other feelings that we will explore and discuss through literature and class discussions are; proud, different social skills and we will recap kindness as part of our whole school Positive Education Day – COLOUR YOUR WORLD.


Our Inquiry topic this term is ‘Staying Alive’. We will be exploring and investigating living and non-living things, making something come to life such as a seed and engaging in tasks that will explore features of animals and what those features are used for, where animals live and what they eat. We will be looking at animal families and discussing life cycles. Our unit will be complemented by a Wild Action Mini-beasts incursion, as well as our excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. The students will have a choice to explore one particular animal and give a short presentation about its features and life.

As part of our inquiry, each prep class will be discussing conservation and endangered animals. A way of encouraging student voice and agency, each prep class will decide on performing an act that will support our endangered wildlife.

Prep M have begun their journey. They felt quite empowered after reading a storybook about animals that are becoming endangered due to their habitat changing at the hands of people. They wrote a letter to the zoo asking how to help. They decided to join the act of collecting old phones or chargers to support the habitat of Gorillas.

Inside a phone there is a mineral called ‘COLTAN’. This mineral is harvested in locations including critical habitat for Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Central Africa. The threats gorillas face as a result of the mining of ‘Coltan’ include; deforestation and reduction of areas where gorillas can live.  

OTHER AREAS - Library and ICT

During our Library sessions, we will start exploring more nonfiction texts and working on our research skills. Please ensure that your child is returning their borrowed book each week. A number of students have outstanding loans.

In ICT classes we will continue practising our typing skills, working on Microsoft Word and further exploring coding.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo