Welcome to our new page dedicated to some of the great work our Prep students are doing!


At Oakleigh, to support students we use the phonemic awareness program PreLit. The purpose of the program is to lay the foundation of good phonological awareness and other language skills, to facilitate literacy development in the early school years. Teaching and learning for each student will focus on individual learning needs.

Students will be introduced to a range of reading strategies, using their knowledge of letter sounds, common sight words and picture cues from the text. Students will move on to reading fluently, using expression, retelling texts and answering simple comprehension questions.

Writing sessions will initially focus on correct letter formation and recording the sounds they can hear in words. As students’ confidence grows they will practise writing simple sentences and attempt to write unknown words using a range of spelling patterns. We will focus on writing conventions including spaces between words, sentence structure and punctuation.


At the beginning of the year students learn that numbers can be represented in multiple ways including the numeral, the word or as a collection of objects. Number patterns, addition and subtraction strategies are introduced as student knowledge expands. Measurement involves making comparisons between objects based on their length, mass or capacity. Students learn to identify and classify 2D and 3D shapes and to find them in their environment.


Throughout the year we will cover many new areas of exploring and learning. We begin the year by focusing on getting to know ourselves and each other, adjusting to school routines, learning how to make new friends and treat each other kindly. This leads in to our ‘Same and Different’ Inquiry Unit where we discover where our families are from and make comparisons about the similarities and differences between us. Later in the year we explore how toys are made and what makes them move. This will be the major focus of our STEM Expo night in Term 3. Our last Inquiry Unit for the year is ‘Staying Alive’ where we discover the differing needs of living things.

Positive Education

In Prep our positive education program is called ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’. During this program we look closely at emotions. We find that the students begin Prep with an ability to recognise happy/sad and good/bad but can find emotions beyond these difficult to communicate and regulate.

Throughout the year we focus on going more in depth with different feelings, understanding how those emotions make us feel, strategies to deal with these and how to self-regulate our actions.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo