Term 3 has been very exciting in the Prep classrooms as we celebrated our 100 days of school! It has been a fantastic first 100 days of school, full of learning, creating friendships and having fun. We are looking forward to the next 100 days!


Our topic this term is titled ‘Same and Different’. Throughout the unit, students will be participating in a range of activities to examine the similarities and differences between objects, people and cultures. They will have opportunities to share and discuss the culture of their own family, including the languages they speak, special occasions they celebrate and traditional foods they eat. Students will discover all things have features that can be compared as being similar or different and that things can be classified according to similarities and differences. They will learn that despite any differences, all things, people and cultures, have value and have an important place in the world.

Positive Education

This term we will continue our positive education program ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You'. The aim of this program is to help children understand a range of ‘good’ feelings as well as those feelings that are a little tricker for them to deal with. This term we will further explore a range of emotions, specifically focusing on: scared, brave and jealous. The program is designed to help children identify their emotions, reflect on why they are feeling this way, recognise what effect it was on themselves and others and either change or embrace the particular emotional state. During this term, we also begin to look at the character strength of ‘Kindness’ and learn about what small things we can do to be kind. Everyone will be on the lookout for students demonstrating acts of kindness... or as we like to call it - 'Caught Being Kind'.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo