All 3 and 4 Year old enrolments at Oakleigh Primary School and Kindergarten are managed centrally through the City of Monash.  Therefore please visit the City of Monash website for more information on how and when to apply for Kindergarten.

Prior to applying please refer to our Enrolment Policy.

Kindergarten tours are conducted by our Educational Leader on a Wednesday between 10.30am and 2pm.  Other times can be arranged if required.  To book a tour or for any further enrolment enquiries, please contact Moira Philp on 0488 771 709 or email kinderadmin@oakleighps.vic.edu.au.


When should my child start kinder?

Families of children with birth dates between 1 January and 30 April have a choice about whether their child will commence school in the year they turn five or the following year, and therefore whether they commence kindergarten in the year they turn four or the year they turn five.

It is important for children to start school when they are ready to learn in a more formal environment. It is also important for you consider when it is best for your child to start school as this will help you determine the best time for them to commence kindergarten.

All children learn and develop in different ways. Some children may benefit from starting school at a younger age, while other children may benefit from starting later. Families with children born between 1 January and 30 April need to make an informed choice about which year they would like their child to commence school and therefore which year their child will attend a funded kindergarten program.

Families need to choose carefully, as children are expected to complete a full year of kindergarten in the year they enrol and begin attending and are only funded for one year of kindergarten before school (unless they are eligible for an Early Start Kindergarten grant or a second year of funded kindergarten).

Kindergarten services are able to provide families with relevant information about when is the best time for children to start kindergarten.  Other early childhood professionals, such as your maternal and child health nurse, can also provide advice to help you make an informed decision about the best age for your child to start kindergarten and school.

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— Martina Horner

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